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How Concrete Can Benefit the Energy Efficiency of Buildings

Posted on by EKA Concrete

energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a global focus and is becoming more and more important as time goes on. We are always looking for new ways to be as efficient as possible in just about every aspect of day-to-day life and the construction industry can be integral to this.

However, we don’t need to look towards a brand new technology or material to attain high levels of energy efficiency because we already have concrete! This month we’re looking at the energy saving properties of concrete and how concrete buildings can attain high levels of efficiency, which may prove critical in the future.

Thermal mass

The greatest advantage that concrete has over other building materials is its high thermal mass, making it an inherently energy efficient material. A high thermal mass means that concrete can store heat easily, then slowly release it naturally over time. This gives concrete buildings strong thermal stability, allowing them to stay cool during peak temperatures and warmer at night. This leads to a number of efficiency benefits which we will look at now.

Less reliant on utilities

High thermal mass means having to rely on other heating and cooling methods much less, which will save money on utilities. Peak temperature during the day will be delayed and offset into the evening and nighttime. This means you will spend less on heating and cooling the building during the day and, depending on your tariff, this could further reduce utility cost as it shifts the energy demand to off-peak hours.

Concrete will repeat its day/night heat transfer reliably every day, so with proper night time ventilation you can completely eliminate the need for cooling in the daytime, reducing energy consumption dramatically.

More comfortable indoor temperature

Because peak temperature is reduced and delayed, offices and commercial environments can benefit greatly from concrete buildings. You will enjoy a much more consistent temperature throughout the day, avoiding uncomfortable temperatures with ease. Thermal mass means that the concrete will hold onto the heat for much longer, which greatly slows down heat transfer to the internal environment.

For offices especially, this makes the working environment much more comfortable. The air conditioner won’t need to be tweaked throughout the day to find the most comfortable operating temperature for all your employees, and will also prevent hot spots throughout the office. Temperature levels will be evenly spread throughout, so heating and cooling will also become more predictable even during unstable seasons. As you can imagine, this predictability can have great benefits over the long term, and the long term is where concrete buildings really shine.

Future proofing

Concrete buildings are naturally equipped to stand up to the ever-present threat of global warming. As temperatures rise, many buildings will require more energy for cooling. Peak temperatures will gradually increase and offices will become less and less efficient over the years – as well as becoming much more uncomfortable and unhealthy for workers.

Concrete buildings will be able to comfortably avoid this problem through high thermal mass. The increased heat will be absorbed by the concrete and will dissipate at night as usual, only requiring decent ventilation as opposed to more or larger air-con solutions. This is incredibly important for the future environmental health of the planet. We need to be planning ahead for global warming, and using a building material like concrete to simultaneously reduce current and future energy demands is an effective way to do so.

High quality concrete

When looking for high quality concrete for efficient concrete building construction, you need a professional, reliable supplier. EKA Concrete can provide the perfect mix for your requirements to create a concrete construction that meets high energy efficiency standards and lasts for many years to come.

Here at EKA Concrete we have over 20 years of experience in supplying top quality concrete mixes for a range of domestic and commercial projects. We offer prompt and flexible delivery along with a friendly and reliable service to all our customers, so for more information dont hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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