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Category Archives: Concrete Facts

What causes spalling in concrete?

Posted on by EKA Concrete

Spalling, or scaling, is when concrete starts to deteriorate or break up, causing it to become pitted or flake away. Commonly known as ‘concrete cancer’, spalling is usually an eye sore, but can become a hazard. In most cases, concrete spalling is fairly superficial, but in some circumstances, or if it is left to worsen, … Continue reading

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10 Impressive Facts about Concrete

Posted on by EKA Concrete

1. Concrete is the most-used material in the world It may not come as a surprise to discover that concrete is incredibly widely used; it is, in fact, used more than any other material in the world – perhaps because the aggregates and water used to create concrete are available virtually everywhere. However it might … Continue reading

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What is the environmental impact of concrete?

Posted on by EKA Concrete

One of the most important things to consider when undertaking any new construction or development project is the materials used. Striking the right balance between the cost, longevity, functionality and environmental impact of the materials can be tricky, but it is essential to ensure you maintain an acceptable carbon footprint, without breaking the bank. Concrete … Continue reading

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