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How Concrete Can Benefit the Energy Efficiency of Buildings

Posted on by EKA Concrete

Energy efficiency is a global focus and is becoming more and more important as time goes on. We are always looking for new ways to be as efficient as possible in just about every aspect of day-to-day life and the construction industry can be integral to this. However, we don’t need to look towards a … Continue reading

How to Prepare Your Site For Ready Mix Concrete

Posted on by EKA Concrete

Ready mix concrete brings a number of benefits to many projects; from large scale sites to DIY home jobs, choosing ready mix concrete is often the way to go. No matter what your project, if you’re going to be using ready mix concrete, you’ll have to make some vital preparations. This month, we’re taking a … Continue reading

Volumetric Concrete: How Can You Benefit?

Posted on by EKA Concrete

When you need concrete for your project – no matter the scale – it’s important to choose the most efficient, cost effective and hassle free concrete mix available so that your project remains in budget and isn’t hampered by bothersome logistics. Here at EKA Concrete, we believe that volumetric mixed concrete proves the most beneficial … Continue reading

Can you Pour Concrete in the Rain?

Posted on by EKA Concrete

Rain is part and parcel of life in the UK, there’s no getting around it. Sometimes there’s nothing left to do but drop what we’re doing and just wait for it to pass. If you’re in the middle of some construction work – finally getting through the DIY that’s been piling up – the last … Continue reading

Concrete Pumps: Types and Applications

Posted on by EKA Concrete

Concrete pumps are used to transfer liquid concrete to a construction site and play an important role in any construction project. There are three main types of concrete pumps: Boom pumps. Trailer/stationary pumps. Specialised usage pumps. EKA Concrete are here to fill you in on the differences and main uses for each of these types … Continue reading

Types of Concrete: Strengths and Applications

Posted on by EKA Concrete

No matter what project you’re undertaking, getting the right type of concrete is essential. Whether it’s large scale construction or a domestic build, EKA Concrete can help you decide what type of concrete you should be looking out for. Here’s a handy guide to the different types of concrete available and what they are used … Continue reading

The Problems with Poor Quality Concrete

Posted on by EKA Concrete

Depending on where we live, we can be surrounded by concrete. Its strength is often taken for granted until we read a newspaper headline lamenting the tragic collapse of a building. Although more common in the Third World, concrete failures can occur in any country. In 2013 work on the Ping’An Finance Centre in Shenzhen, … Continue reading

5 Top tips for maintaining your concrete driveway

Posted on by EKA Concrete

Concrete driveways are often favoured because they not only offer a sturdy and long-lasting parking solution, but they require very little maintenance to keep them looking their best. That said, to ensure they remain looking their best for years to come, it is advisable to carry out a little light maintenance every now and again. … Continue reading

Concrete Flooring is a Favourite for 2016

Posted on by EKA Concrete

Most people wouldn’t consider leaving bare concrete on display in their homes. Its cold, hard and uncomfortable surfaces do nothing to enhance the comfort of a home, and the dull, grey colour is generally unappealing. Not only that, but concrete is not an environmentally friendly material and if you change your mind, it’s not easy … Continue reading

Foam Concrete: Applications & Advantages

Posted on by EKA Concrete

What is foamed concrete? Foamed concrete is quite simply mortar with lots of air bubbles in. In fact it is not actually concrete at all and contains no aggregates, so does not offer the same characteristics. The air content is generally between 50% and 75% by volume which makes it a very lightweight and easily … Continue reading