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Volumetric Concrete: How Can You Benefit?

Posted on by EKA Concrete

volumetric concrete delivery

When you need concrete for your project – no matter the scale – it’s important to choose the most efficient, cost effective and hassle free concrete mix available so that your project remains in budget and isn’t hampered by bothersome logistics.

Here at EKA Concrete, we believe that volumetric mixed concrete proves the most beneficial for any concrete construction project, so here’s our guide to the benefits of going volumetric.

Less wasteful

One of the key benefits of volumetric mixing is the reduction of waste concrete. Volumetric mixing is an efficient form of concrete delivery; only what is needed is mixed, so there’s no danger of over ordering. This also means that there will be no leftover waste materials either, making it much healthier for the environment.

More convenient

Volumetric mixed concrete has helped change the concrete industry, making the entire process incredibly efficient and more convenient for customers. A volumetric concrete mixer combines the functions of a mobile mixing truck and a batching plant, which speeds up the concrete delivery process while making it much more customisable to each specific project.

Concrete is mixed on-site, and multiple different mixes can be created easily without having to return to the production facility, due to the fact that the individual ingredients that make up the concrete mix are stored separately on the mixer. This makes it simple to tailor a mix for different on-site requirements. This alone cuts out a lot of time spent waiting for delivery, meaning more time can be spent on actually finishing the project.

Due to the speed and efficiency of the process, multiple deliveries can be completed in a single day; when one is complete, there’s no need to return to any production facility, it’s simply on to the next job!

Simple to operate

Volumetric mixers can be operated by a single person, so labour requirements are vastly reduced. Operators can easily create different mixes by adjusting the ingredient ratios as needed, meaning it’s easy to cater for projects of all sizes, from driveway laying to bridge construction.

volumetric concrete controls

Larger capacity

Compared to traditional drum mixers, volumetric mixers make the entire process of concrete delivery much more simple. This is also true when it comes to sheer amount of concrete available for transit. Almost double the amount of concrete can be stored in a volumetric mixer than a drum mixer, meaning more work – and larger scale work – can be completed.

Less risk

With drum mixed concrete, there was a limited time frame between mixing at the plant and using it on-site. This could be made even tighter by heavy traffic or breakdowns, but the problem doesn’t exist with volumetric concrete mixers. That means even if the worse happens and the delivery is delayed significantly, the concrete can still be safely mixed and poured fresh once it does reach the site. This takes a lot of the stress and frustration out of any project.


EKA Concrete have over 20 years of experience supplying quality on-site concrete using our fleet of volumetric vehicles. Our mixes are specific to the requirements of your job, so if youre in Reigate, Horsham, Brighton or Crawley and are in need of expertly mixed concrete for any kind of project, look no further than EKA Concrete. Simply contact us today and our friendly team will help you with any enquiry.

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