Meeting the Carbon Challenge

The most widely used man-made material on Earth is undergoing a renaissance in the understanding of its whole-life carbon benefits. Carbon Measurements The carbon debate is often too focused on capital carbon measurements, which incorporate carbon emitted during the material’s production and construction. This overlooks the bigger picture. Crucially, capital carbon measurements fail to consider […]

10 Impressive Facts about Concrete

1. Concrete is the most-used material in the world It may not come as a surprise to discover that concrete is incredibly widely used; it is, in fact, used more than any other material in the world – perhaps because the aggregates and water used to create concrete are available virtually everywhere. However it might […]

3D Printing: The Future of Concrete Structures

If you thought 3D printing was reserved for scientists who spend their time generating miniature, plastic duplicates of everyday objects – then you’re wrong. At this moment in time, given all the recent leaps forward in the field, 3D printing’s potential is beginning to look limitless as it begins to permeate a further sphere of […]

What Tools Do I Need When Finishing Concrete?

Regardless of what concrete you are laying, or whether you are an experienced concrete contractor or a novice, it’s essential that you approach the task at hand with the right tools. To honour this fact, this month, EKA concrete will be detailing just what tools you’ll need for perfect finishing, and how those tools operate. […]

5 Creative and Innovative Techniques to Use Concrete in your Home and Garden

Concrete is one of the most versatile and contemporary materials you can use to decorate your home and garden these days. With some time and creativity, you can repurpose concrete into decorative pieces or practical furniture that is completely unique and bespoke to you. You will be amazed at the wide variety of these smart […]

When should you use reinforced concrete?

Concrete has a high compressive strength, meaning that substantially heavy loads can be placed upon it without it breaking or showing any signs of fatigue. Steel is strong in a different way. It has a high tensile strength, so it can resist enormous lateral forces that would pull other materials apart. Embed steel bars into […]

Best Practices for Pouring Concrete in Cold Weather

Pouring concrete in the cold weather can cause severe complications, and if you haven’t taken the necessary precautions then you could end up with concrete that is unusable. As the winter draws ever nearer, it pays to be aware of the effects that colder temperatures have on concrete. This month, we’re taking a look at […]

5 Top Tips for maintaining your concrete driveway

Concrete driveways are often favoured because they not only offer a sturdy and long-lasting parking solution, but they require very little maintenance to keep them looking their best. That said, to ensure they remain looking their best for years to come, it is advisable to carry out a little light maintenance every now and again. […]

What is floor screed?

Floor screed is a simple mixture of water, ordinary cement and graded aggregate (such as sharp sand) to create a smooth, hardwearing sub-floor. It usually laid to be about 75mm thick and should always be laid by a skilled professional. Depending on the premises, the screed can be covered with underlay and a decorative flooring […]

What Really Is The Difference Between Concrete And Cement

Concrete and cement are quite often spoken about as if they are the same thing, yet the two are separate construction materials. However concrete can not be made without cement and this is the main difference between the two. Cement is essentially the binder, a fine powder that when mixed with water helps combine the […]