The Preservation of Historic Concrete Structures

English Heritage, the body responsible for the conservation of old England, recently released a list of 14 new buildings to be given protected status – and they’re all concrete, yes…concrete! Back in the Day For most people in the UK, when someone mentions English Heritage, historic rambling country estates, world-renowned monuments, castle ruins, and even […]

5 Tips for Pumping Concrete in Winter

Cold weather conditions can present a number of hurdles when it comes to pumping concrete. If concrete freezes in the hopper or boom, this can have a significant effect on its flow through the pipeline – causing you various problems. However, there are some simple solutions to ensure that pumping concrete during the winter season […]

Working With Damaged Concrete – Repair or Replace?

Concrete structures can be damaged or degraded by several factors, including but not limited to constant exposure to natural elements, heavy loads, salt and other corrosive substances, moisture content and poor installation. The type and extent of the damage determine the treatment plan, which most often revolves around repair or replacement. Replacing damaged concrete could prove a […]

Why Should I Hire A Concrete Pump?

Hiring a concrete pump to assist with the delivery of your concrete might be an added expense that you can’t justify, but depending on your circumstances the alternative could be just as costly. Have a look through our quick guide below, to see if you can afford not to hire a concrete pump for your next project. […]

What is the environmental impact of concrete?

One of the most important things to consider when undertaking any new construction or development project is the materials used. Striking the right balance between the cost, longevity, functionality and environmental impact of the materials can be tricky, but it is essential to ensure you maintain an acceptable carbon footprint, without breaking the bank. Concrete […]