Foam Concrete

Foam concrete is a very workable, low density material incorporating up to 80% air often used to fill voids and provide support for top layers. Predominantly used in trench reinstatement and as an alternative to type 1 stone backfill, we provide foam concrete for a range of purposes using traceable WRAP compliant recycled aggregates.  It is an ideal backfill material for utility trench reinstatement and complies with the Highway Authorities & Utilities Committee legislation (HAUC). As it is air-entrained and free-flowing, foam concrete is ideal for filling voids and undercuts ensuring the trench is completely supported once set.

Other benefits of using foam concrete are the ease of placement resulting in a reduction in labour costs, its self-levelling property negates the need for compaction (avoiding potential damage to services) and no site storage of fill materials required. Also, due to its low density, foam concrete can be easily re-excavated should the need arise.

Foam concrete has many other applications including protecting pipelines, decommissioning of septic tanks, disused fuel tanks and cellars. For more information, please contact our helpful customer service team.

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